Tim Tucker

Real Estate Agent

Huntington Beach - Seacliff

About Tim Tucker

Tim earned his Eagle Scout rank at 15 and his God and Country medal the same year. Between high school and college he rode a 1970 Kawasaki Mach III cross country, through British Columbia, the Yukon and to Fairbanks, Alaska.  He graduated college with a degree in education followed by a Master's in Theology and for his graduate thesis he diagrammed the Book of Romans in Koine Greek. Tim has been happily married to the same woman for over 30 years, has 2 beautiful children and 3 not so beautiful dogs. After hours, he helps in an outreach to the Hollywood homeless every Thursday night and is involved in his church's Soup Kitchen which happens every Friday late afternoon. 
Since his first awards received after his first full year in real estate, Tim has been a consistent producer and consistent Hall of Famer.